LGBT Pride Flag Stolen From Home of Tyler Glenn’s Family

Tyler Glenn [left] in a picture with the Pride Flag sign stolen by a thief [right]. (Photo Credit: Left- Tyler Glenn Official Instagram Account, Right- Screenshot from YouTube video via Fox 13 News Utah Official YouTube Channel)

As sad as it sounds, thefts of LGBTQ Pride flags from homes happen quite often.  During June alone, the number of flags stolen, slashed, or burned has been in the hundreds across the country.  Around two weeks ago, a teen attempted to take a Pride Flag from an Arizona lesbian couple’s house only to be caught on video.

The parents of Tyler Glenn, lead singer of the Utah-based rock band Neon Trees, are the latest victims of this cowardly act. In the early hours of Thursday, July 17, the Pride flag sign the Glenns had on their front porch was taken and the thief was caught on video thanks to the Glenns doorbell camera.


Tyler Glenn’s mother, Deb said to Fox 13 Salt Lake City about the theft:

“We had this ring doorbell thing go off at like 2:37 in the morning. So, I quickly checked it and was like, ‘What?!’ I went outside and yup; my sign was gone.”

Deb went on to explain that she bought the sign from the Pride Story Garden event at Washington Square in Salt Lake City, which she attended with Tyler.

Tyler Glenn and his mother, Deb, at the Pride Garden Story event in Salt Lake City. (Photo Credit: Tyler Glenn Official Instagram Account)

Tyler posted the doorbell camera’s video to his Instagram story sharing the details of the theft.

The singer told Fox 13:

“Mostly because I wanted people to know that this kind of stuff is still happening in suburban neighborhoods.”

Tyler also commented:


“For someone to see that and be triggered that that could be wrong or bad and they need to take that and go vandalize it [is] just kind of to me a teachable moment to a lot of people that there’s still this kind of, I guess for lack of a better term, hatred.”

Tyler had taken a picture with the sign on his parents’ porch a few days earlier and posted the photos to his Instagram account.


Fox 13 also reported that the theft of the Pride flag sign at the Glenns’ was among four reports received in the South Jordan, where the Glenns live, regarding thefts of Pride flags or signs on Thursday.

Sources: Planet Transgender, Fox 13 Salt Lake City, Tyler Glenn Official Instagram Account, Fox 13 News Utah Official YouTube Channel,

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  1. Here’s how to fix that. We put up exploding dye packets. We attached the dye packs with wire and hid them near our flag or signs. If any of them are removed it makes the dye packs explode covering the thief in bright pink permanent ink. Ours have gone of twice but it has never happened again. The dye is so strong, it can take weeks to scrub it off of your skin. We caught both culprits from this because the dye is so non removable and you can’t hide it. Fun times.


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