LGBT Stars Show Support For GLSEN Day Of Silence. New ‘National School Climate Survey’ Begins

On Friday, GLSEN held its annual Day of Silence, with thousands of students refusing to speak in an effort to combat bullying, harassment, and name-calling.

The goal of the Day of Silence is to get high schools to adopt and implement comprehensive anti-bullying policies to protect not just people based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, but also their race, gender, ethnicity, and religion.

According to a Harris Interactive study, two of the top three reasons for harassment are perceived sexual orientation and gender expression, so the Day of Silence aims to illustrate the silencing effects of bullying.

It wasn't just LGBT stars taking to the internet on Friday, but also celebrity members and allies of the LGBTQ community joined in, taking to social media to show their support.









You can help GLSEN inform education policymakers and the public about what’s really going on in our nation’s schools by completing the 2017 National School Climate Survey.

If you attended high school or middle school sometime during the last school year (2016-2017), identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, and are at least 13 years old, tell us about your experiences in school. (If you did not complete the entire school year you can still participate in the survey.) The survey is completely anonymous.

The survey asks questions about your experiences in school, including hearing homophobic remarks, being harassed because of your sexual orientation and/or how you express your gender and how supportive your school is of LGBTQ students.   

To take the survey, click here.

h/t:, GLSEN

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