LGBT Student Fights School Board To Have Picture In Yearbook


I wish we were reporting on "School Removes Bully's Photo From Yearbook."  Who wants to look at a picture of someone year after year who brought so much pain to other people. 

No, instead we are mentioning yet another LGBT student ot being allowed to show their face in the yearbook. There's no political statement under their photo, there's no anti-anyone paraphernalia in the shot.  Nothing, except the student.

Southwood High School Principal Jeff Roberts took it upon himself to decide at the last minute to remove a transgender student's picture from the yearbook. The senior, Kami Pham, was also told that she could not walk at graduation if she dresses as a female, like in her photo, wearing “feminine attire” and a wig.

What made the brightest man in the building, I mean the principal decided this? Roberts claimed that the female clothing and wig violated the school dress code since it was inconsistent with her birth certificate. shared the dress code for the school and highlighted the parts that may pertain to Kami and the principal's concerns.

We're not seeing the issue the principal is seeing.  Are you? Roberts also threatened that if Kami wore her wig or high heels to graduation that she would not be allowed to walk.

One of Kami’s friends, Tatjana Cotton, told KTBS, “If I wore that same outfit, there would be no problem; no one would say anything. So why treat Kami any different just because of what her birth certificate says?” Indeed, this suggests a clear violation of Title IX protections on the basis of gender.

One of Kami's friends, Tatjana Cotton has some good news to share with all. She and other students combined efforts and created a petition to try and alter the principal's decisions.

What is great is these efforts brought change.

Students are claiming victory in a great and polite way. The updated statement as of April 3 on the petition page reads:

Our friends at PACE, Central Station, community members, and fellow classmates who helped write this (who requested not to be named) were able to overturn this decision and allow Kami to dress her way at graduation, as well as allowing her yearbook and wall picture to be approved. This is not only a big win for Kami, but for all students who express themselves in their way for years to come.

This is thanks to not only the Caddo Parish School Board as well as Jeff Roberts at Southwood High School for listening to us and ensuring that the rights of students who come after Kami will be protected. We are very grateful for this.  –

Keep up the great work of watching out for each other in this great big troubling world. The LGBTQ+ community needs to stick together, but we as well cannot forget to thank our allies for helping us get through this thing called life.

Best of luck Kami.  Cannot wait to see the graduation pictures!


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