LGBT Teacher Fired for being Human, Queens Dazzle out of Drag, Trump Doesn’t Know what his Administration is Doing, & More

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Allegedly Staging A Hate Crime Attack Will Cost You

Empire Is Done With Jussie Smollett



Is Going Mainstream Erasing Gay Sex & Culture?

Drink the kool-aid! (It’s watered down).


Trump Didn’t Know About Push To Decriminalize Being

Gay”I don’t know what you’re talking about”

EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez Talks ‘World of Dance’

The hit show is back for Season 3 and JLo gives her perspective to Instinct


School District In Trouble For Firing Bisexual Teacher

He came out to help a struggling student accept her sexuality.


Lesbian Waitress Delivers Epic Response to Homophobes

Gay Slur Left for Lesbian Waitress Sparks Outrage As Her Online Response Goes Viral!


Suspect In Salt Lake City Gay Bashing Charged

With the attack caught on video, will this be considered a hate crime?


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News Anchor Dies After Accidental Meth Overdose in Rectum

Chris Burrous died during a Grindr hookup gone wrong


Michael Yerger is the Hottest Thing to Happen in 2019

Fully clothed, shirtless, or next-to-nothing, all drool worthy.


Filmmaker Ori Ravid Talks His Sexy Short Film ‘Matt’

‘Every daddy was once a boy.’


So Hot! Here’s The Season 11 RPDR Contestants Out of Drag

Queens in sickening fashion, also just as hot out of drag


Twitter Can’t Get Enough Of A Shirtless Abe Lincoln

“Honest Abs” indeed!


Adam Lambert Wants To ‘Feel Something’

“I’m coming out of a dark period”


Drag performer and actor Willam Belli stars in Mean Girls Parody


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