LGBTQ Youth Fighting For Their Very Existence In Gilead, aka Florida

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The war on the queer community continues. Not only is it continuing its escalating and getting very bad very quickly. I am so tired of this shit. Tired of having my existence up for debate. Tired of the unprecedented attacks on queer youth, more specifically trans kids. Tired of being told I am overreacting or that I am crazy.

We were overreacting when Trump got elected and we said they were gonna come for abortion. Well, guess what? They fucking did. We said the Don’t Say Gay law wasn’t going to end with the kindergarten through grade three children. “Calm down,” they said. “That’s not going to happen,” they said. Well, guess what, they lied. And gaslit us. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 


Ron DeSantis and the Florida Board of Education just extended the hateful, homophobic Don’t Say Gay law all the way up to high school including twelfth graders. According to ABC News,

“This rule would build on the Parental Rights in Education law Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed in March 2022. The law bans classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity for students in kindergarten through third grade. It also states that any instruction on those topics cannot occur “in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards,” according to the legislation.”


Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. answered questions on this issue explaining, “We’re not removing anything here. All we are doing is we are setting the expectations so our teachers are clear: that they are to teach to the standards.” As a former teacher there is nothing teachers hate more than being told what to teach by people who have never once set foot in a classroom. Another GOP scumbag Republican Rep. Chase Tramont clarified his position,

“In the image of God, he created them. Male and female, he created them. Folks this is rock solid, irreversible, validated by science and our medical community. Period. You are either male or female. This is not subject to one’s opinion. It is demonstrable fact.”

There is so much wrong and false about this statement I don’t know where to begin. You know he has no idea about either science or medicine? How? Because he provides no data, no statistics, no evidence. Hey, asshat: transgender people, non-binary people, gay people, queer people. We have always been here. Decades ago they were suffering in silence. The Republican agenda wants to push us back into the closet and the shadows. That is not going to happen. WE’RE HERE. WE’RE QUEER. GET USED TO IT.



In addition to the expansion of the Don’t Say Gay law, the Republican-led House passed more bills attacking transgender people regarding treatment and bathroom use, plus one keeping kids away from drag shows. This as Fort Lauderdale residents are still struggling to find gas after last weeks monsoon.


To any queer youth reading this know that YOU ARE SEEN. You matter, you are loved and you belong. It does get better. The people who are doing this to you are a tiny minority. They do not represent the vast majority of Americans. We will make this right. Florida, we are coming for you. VOTE DESANTIS OUT.







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Source: ABC News

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