Liam Hemsworth Leaves Little to the Imagination At The Beach

Credit: Liam Hemsworth Instagram

Breaking up clearly does a body good. In this case its Liam Hemsworth, who, let’s be real here, has looked like a tasty snack for years. But his buffed up body has been on major display over the past couple of months after he and ex-wife Miley Cyrus split in the summer of 2019.

Case in point: him looking absolutely incredible while exiting the waters in Byron Bay, Australia with his gorgeous girlfriend Gabriella Brooks. The 30-year-old emerged wearing nothing but a pair of yellow swim trunks that left very little to the imagination (kudos to DailyMail for the photos that you can see here. The first pic when you scroll down gives a good example of his, um, down under). Actually Miley was the one who hinted that he had “good d**k game” last year and these pics definitely prove that point. 

Liam is pretty much on par with his brother Chris in terms of how muscular his physique is looking as of late. They are the classic example of playing that game “Who Would You Rather?” where the answer would most likely be, “Why not both?” 

The Hunger Games star’s time at the gym has included him working out with some very studly guys alongside of him. He, Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal and personal trainer Jason Walsh took this epic Instagram photo last month of them posing at a fitness center of sorts where each guy bro, err, guy, looked ridiculously handsome before they engaged in a game of Twister. Talk about being a fly on the wall in that scenario! 

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