Liberty Mutual Actor is Actually an Accomplished Star!

Photo Credit: @libertymutual on Instagram

I found the Liberty Mutual actor who hilariously flubbed his lines during the infamous commercial in 2019. Not that it was very difficult. The actor, named Tanner Novlan, is actually a television star in his own right who appears to have gotten his big break in the mid-2010s.

Tanner, aged 37, is a 3x soap opera award nominee… but we’ll get to that a little later. After his fair share of low budget horror films and sappy Christmas movies, he landed his first recurring role on Mohawk Girls. This inevitably led to his next recurring gig, this time playing Gregory Manes in the Roswell, New Mexico reboot on The CW.


He stayed with Roswell until its cancellation in 2022 when the network started a major rebranding.

Currently, the Canadian can be found playing John Finnegan in the iconic soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. He’s about to enter his fourth year with the series, and this is where the majority of his award nominations stem from.

But just because Tanner is establishing his foothold in television doesn’t mean he can’t return to his roots! Always a good sport, he returned to his role as “Struggling Actor” in another Liberty Mutual Commercial which is currently playing between breaks nationwide.


When he’s not acting, Mr. Novlan appears to enjoy sports and the outdoors. He’s a father of two and married to fellow actor Kayla Ewell.

Obviously, he’s not one of the gays… But that doesn’t mean we can’t ogle his body a little bit. And that deep voice. Just wow. No wonder he’s a former model!


Congratulations on all the success, Tanner. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next. I do wonder, however, how you feel about being most recognized for playing a handsome yet dimwitted actor in an insurance commercial. (I kid, I kid.)



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  1. Tanner shouldn’t have to be subjected to this brand of sexual harassment from anyone including the gay community. Please keep your sexual thoughts regarding Mr. Novlan to yourself in the future because it’s both tasteless and unwanted.


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