Life-Sized Barbie Comes Complete With Super Gay Accessories

Philadelphia-based performance artist Gunnar Montana
Philadelphia-based performance artist Gunnar Montana (image via Instagram)

To celebrate National Barbie Day on March 9, performance artist and dancer Gunnar Montana decided he wanted to bring his own particular flair to the world of Barbie.

When we say ‘flair,’ we mean ‘g-g-g-gay flair.’


Working with his collaborator Colin Burke, Montana turned himself into the very picture of what can only be described as ‘Super Gay Barbie.’

Along the way, he encourages us all to ‘make your own rules, build your own box, and always remember to accessorize!’


For the live art installation, Montana and Burke built a huge, life-sized ‘Barbie’ box in retro blue hues. The creatives then assembled a collection of all the accessories a ‘Super Gay Barbie’ would need including dumbbells, backpack, dildo, cell phone (complete with Grindr), wig, sunglasses, fan, bling, jungle jumper, and more.

And what ‘Super Gay’ would be complete without some subtle shade? So Montana threw in a passport and airline ticket so ‘Johnny Powerbottom’ can jet off to – where else? – Puerto Vallarta!

The woofy Philadelphia-based artist then posed inside the box clad in a ‘Super Gay’ thong and pink high heels.

In a Facebook post, Montana included a short video showing the construction of the art piece. All in all, we were pretty impressed.


But this project is just a single facet of Montana’s multiverse of talent.

Perusing his Instagram, the gifted fur ball shows off several projects (and lewks) for his social media followers.

Here’s just a sample of the marvelous Montana. Definitely click that ‘Follow’ button below.



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