Lifetime Drops Official Trailer of Wendy Williams’ Documentary

Lifetime recently released the emotional trailer of Wendy Williams’ upcoming documentary, ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’, where she shows a glimpse of what she has been going through, as well as her family’s concern about her current condition.

(c) Lifetime / Where is Wendy Williams?

In the trailer, the 59-year-old former broadcaster was asked if she has consulted with a neurologist, to which she responds with:


“To find out if I’m crazy?”

The video shows her intoxicated, emotional and struggling to stand without another person’s assistance, and it was also mentioned how she is seemingly suffering from memory loss. Not to mention, Williams admitted:

“I have no money, and I’m gonna tell you something. If it happens to me, it could happen to you.”

Moreover, her family opened up about their concern for the media personality as she goes through a challenging time in her life.


“Mom has done a great job making it seem like everything is OK always, but in reality, there is something wrong going on,” her 23-year-old son Kevin Hunter Jr. expressed.

An off-camera voice also narrates:

“Anybody could look at her and tell this is not just alcohol — there’s something more going on.”

‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ is executive produced by Williams herself, and it is described as a “raw and compelling documentary.” It follows her life after ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ was canceled in February 2022, and as her physical and mental health worsened, as per The Detroit News.


In a press release, Lifetime shared more about the upcoming documentary, stating:

“Opening the doors to her private life like never before, cameras chronicled her comeback journey to reclaim her life and legacy despite facing health issues and personal turbulence. With unparalleled access granted by Wendy to film with her and her family for nearly two years, what was captured was not what anyone expected.”

‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ is set for a two-night premiere on Lifetime on February 24 and 25 at 8pm ET/PT. In the meantime, you can watch the emotional trailer here:


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