A Lifetime Together For These Two Began With Madonna & Good Timing

Credit: Elliott Worth

Timing is everything. That couldn’t be more true for Elliott & Patrick, the latest duo to be featured in instinct Magazine’s ongoing Couple Series.

Their romantic journey began twenty years ago at a gay bar (remember going to those?) where a combination of Madonna, courage and willingness led to them living a wonderful life together.


Now they’re partners both in the personal and professional world as they run an agency in the heart of London called Menace Model Management. And things look to be going peachy keen for them as they enter their second decade of love & life with one another.

Check out our interview with them below.

Credit: Elliott Worth

How did you two initially meet and was it love at first sight? 


Elliott – We met in 2001 in London’s biggest gay club called Heaven. It was actually my first time in a gay venue and I wasn’t fully out the closet. I remember Madonna‘s “Ray of Light” was playing and Patrick danced up to me and asked for my number, I was really shy but I obliged as he seemed really cute and confident. I never thought 20 years later we would still be together and in love. As far as love at first sight? I think maybe more like last at first sight! Ha ha.

Patrick – I had decided to go out with a good friend to celebrate being single after a recent break up and had no plans to meet anyone or even begin a new relationship so soon. 20 years later and we have not been apart since.

What is your favorite thing to love about each other? 

Elliott – I love how driven, committed, caring and open minded he is. Patrick is also the sensible one so he keeps me in check when needed. I think the reason our relationship works so well is that we  compliment one another and fulfill something in each other. Also Patrick is really stylish so I think that is really sexy.


Patrick – Elliott is possibly the best cook in the world. He also has a great eye for interior design and has transformed our home so much over the years. He is a bit wild and spontaneous which sometimes drives me crazy but I also secretly wish I was a little bit like him. But seriously, he is the kindest and most supportive soul and has helped me find more appreciation for Madonna as a gay man than I would ever have allowed myself the time to do. He is literally obsessed with the woman.

Credit: Elliott Worth

Are you monogamous or in an open relationship? How do you make either work?

Elliott – We have had some fun together. I think it’s the secret to a long-lasting relationship. We give each other the space when we need it. When you have been together so long you get over the jealousy and insecurity as the foundations we have built are so strong.


Patrick – I think at the end of the day every relationship has to work for the people in it. We are best friends and truly care and love each other more than anyone in the world.

What has COVID been like for the two of you? Has it brought you closer together?

Elliott – Yes, definitely, we are lucky that we live in a fairly big house so we have space to do our own thing and come together in the evening. I think it has grown our bond in a really positive way.

Credit: Elliott Worth

Has the topic of adopting or having kids via surrogate ever come up?

Elliott – Yes, it is something we often discuss and would love to offer a loving home to a child someday. Watch this space!

What is the best advice you would give to anyone who is looking for love out there but hasn’t found it?

Elliott – Don’t give up and be prepared to compromise and forgive. Every pot has a lid.

Patrick – Compliments and compromise is the key, haha!

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