Lil Nas X Clapped Back At Twitter Trolls

Lil Nas X (image via Facebook)

“Old Town Road” rapper Lil Nas X is getting anti-gay backlash after he came out late last month, but he’s not taking it hands down. Despite seeing an increase to his music sales, Lil Nas X has had to deal with Twitter trolls.

While talking to the BBC Breakfast this past Friday, Lil Nas X shared that he decided to come out for his own self-freedom and relief. But, he also saw what coming out could do for his communities.

“How big of a deal is that?” he added, rhetorically. “Is it something that I was considering never doing ever, like taking to the grave or something? But I was like, I don’t want to just live my entire life, especially how I got to where I’m at, just not doing what I want to do. I’m also, I feel like, opening the doors for more people. … Because it’s not really accepted in either [the country or hip-hop communities].”

Unfortunately, Lil Nas X has received some of that pushback from the hip-hop, country, and black communities. As he shared during the interview:

“I’m already getting it. …I used to be that person being negative. I’m not angry or anything… because I understand how they want that reaction. But I’m just going to joke back with them.”

But again, Lil Nax X isn’t taking the insults sitting down. While the rapper from Atlanta, Georgia has easily let some of the hate slide, he hasn’t ignored all of the messages. Lil Nas X gave a simple response to the people who said something anti-gay, transphobic, or relating homosexuality to bestiality through Lil Nas X’s song.

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say one more home of phobic thing to me

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But wishing to not get too serious (or too violent), the rapper also responded with humor and jokes.

Though, some complaints that his song “Old Town Road” somehow is a coded message about being gay left the rapper exasperated.

Stay strong Lil Nas X. With all this hate comes heaps of love and acceptance, and we’re rooting for you.

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