Lil Nas X Claps Back At “Gay For Success” Claims

Scene from “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” music video. (Photo Credit: Screenshot from video via Lil Nas X Official YouTube Channel)

Lil Nas X is tired of people saying he’s “gay for success.”

Ever since his single and music video “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” dropped last month, musician Lil Nas X has received both praise and ridicule. But even though the artist has received more than his fair share of hate from conservative people online (including priests and U.S. congress members), he’s not afraid to push back.


Yesterday, Lil Nas X took to Twitter to share some heated words with his haters. It seems, the musician’s been getting responses saying he’s playing up his sexuality for success.

“Y’all love saying I’m being gay for success but can’t name five successful gay male artists in the last 10 years to save your life,” Nas tweeted.


While many people celebrated Lil Nas X’s clap back at the hate, not everyone was happy. Some called the rapper and singer out for erasing the success and work of LGBTQ singers that came before him.

Names such as Harry Styles, Freddie Mercury, Adam Lambert, Elton John, Sam Smith, Hozier, and more were mentioned in responding tweets. Many of those names, however, were later marked off, as Harry Styles chooses not to label himself, Freddie Mercury died 20 years ago and was bi, Sam Smith is nonbinary, and so on.


Of course, many came to Lil Nas X’s defense as well. For instance, the musician liked a tweet that confronted gay men who didn’t like the music video. The Twitter user and fan noted that the artist has only “made ONE gay song/video.”


He then added, “I notice a lot of gays keep pushing this ‘Lil Nas makes his whole artistry about being gay’ narrative and it’s like. y’all stan cishet men and women who rap about their sexuality 24/7 yet when a fellow gay does it there’s a problem? If you hate yourself just say that!”

After seeing the conflict over his initial tweet, Lil Nas X wrote a follow-up tweet.


“I’m not dissing anyone. I’m acknowledging the fact that we aren’t usually as successful as our peers. What’s not clicking starbucks spellman,” Lil Nas X clarified in response to a now-deleted tweet by user @saysospellman.

“It’s a million n***as in the industry that make nothing but songs about women and y’all don’t complain. But I make my first song about a n***a and now it’s my entire artistry. Y’all crack me up man,” Nas wrote before putting the moment to rest.


But knowing the internet, there will be more hate spewed at Lil Nas X. And, he’ll be brave enough to take it on.



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