Lil Nas X Dropped A Teaser For His New Song

Images via YouTube @LilNasX & Sony Pictures Classics

Lil Nas X is teasing the internet with a new song. And this one references Call Me By Your Name.

The Grammy-winning artist released a teaser for a new song recently on Twitter. In the video, the shirtless rapper is seen lip-syncing to the song while driving a car while wearing a rainbow Versace cap. To caption the video, Lil Nas X wrote in all caps, “CALL ME BY YOUR NAME.” This could be the title of the song or just a stand-alone reference to the 2017 Oscar-winning gay romance film starring Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer. Either would make sense, given the fact that the lyrics include the words “call me” several times.


In fact, the lyrics for the teaser include, “Call me when you want, call me when you need, call me in the morning, I’ll be on the way.”

Another significant aspect of the song is that the rapper mentions a “boy” in the lyrics. This is the first time that one of his songs reference a male love interest since coming out in June of 2019.


However, this isn’t the only new Lil Nas X music on the way. The artist is currently finishing up his first full-length album, which based on his Twitter bio is “92% done.” In addition, a recent tweet states that he’s simultaneously working on a mixtape.

We’re excited to hear any music Lil Nas X throws at us, and, thankfully, he’s preparing to give us a lot.

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