Lil Nas X Drops an Exciting Hint on Upcoming Comeback

2024 is in for a very good start, as Lil Nas X recently dropped a hint on what’s in store for his upcoming comeback. Talk about V exciting!

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On January 3, the 24-year-old American rapper and singer teased about his comeback, tweeting:


“Lol im really bout to have the greatest comeback of all time. hope yall ready for next week.”

The said comeback will be his first release after 2022’s “Late to da Party” with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, as well as his hit single ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’ in 2021. Lil Nas X also revealed that he will be releasing a “new song and visual next week,” as well as an “official art dropping soon.”

Moreover, the “Panini” singer put his haters on blast by listing down all of his great achievements, writing:


“I love this constant cycle the world has with me.

when i started making music yall told me i was just another twitter rapper. then i made the biggest song of all time.

yall called me a one hit wonder. then i dropped one the most streamed albums of the year with 3 top 5 hits.”

“now yall saying my new sh*t not finna do nothing. At some point yall gotta realize I am gods favorite,” he further expressed.

Lil Nas X then concluded his pinned tweet by noting what seems to be the date of his comeback’s release. Mark the date: January 12, 2024. <3 Not to mention, he also has an upcoming documentary titled ‘Long Live Montero’, which is set to be available for streaming on HBO and Max on January 27.

(c) Instagram: @lilnasx


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  1. I love that there’s a really popular gay rapper, I hope even more get into the arena. I know he’s been hated on a lot for being gay, but I stopped listening to him when he started all the satanic stuff. Hope he’s moved on from all that.


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