Lil Nas X Explains Anti-Gay Prejudice to Kevin Hart

Images via HBO

Kevin Hart got himself into trouble again.

Last December, the comedian stepped dorm from hosting the Oscars after old homophobic tweets resurfaced. The comedian and actor then refused to apologize. While refusing to back down from the Twitter army/cancel culture is one thing, the comedian expressed no reflection on his past comments such as hurting his son if he ever found him playing with a dollhouse. And it seems the actor still hasn’t reflected on those former comments and the thoughts placed behind them.


Though Hart is currently recovering from a terrible car accident, his tv presence is still going strong. Hart recently appeared in a pre-recorded episode of HBO talk show The Shop: Uninterrupted, in which LeBron James and Maverick Carter talk with guests about various topics while in a barbershop-esque environment.

The latest episode shows Hart and Lil Nas X enjoying the conversation before Hart ironically interrupts Lil Nas X. The rapper was asked about coming out as gay while his hit single “Old Town Road” soared through record after record.

“And with all that early success, you felt it was important to make an announcement recently?” asked marketing executive and moderator Paul Rivera.

Hart then interjected with, “He said he was gay, so what?”


Then when the 20-year-old rapper tried to explain that he came out after fighting the expectation to “hate that s**t,” Hart asked, “Hate what? Why?”

“Come on now. If you really from the hood, you know,” Lil Nas X responded.

The rapper then shared that he decided to come out when he did so as not to get attention soley for being gay. But coming out after he’d already come out on top, the rapper feels that “It’s showing, like, it doesn’t really matter.”


After the episode’s release, a series of Twitter users expressed their displeasure with how Hart handled the conversation.



That said, there were also Twiter users coming to Hart’s defense and stating that his words were ones of support.


What do you think? Was Hart in support or gravely confused? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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