Lil Nas X Helps His Brother Come Out As Bisexual

Lil Nas X continues to be an icon of inspiration for LGBTQ+ individuals after he came out as gay in 2019. One of those people is his brother Tramon Hill, who identifies as bisexual.

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On Saturday night, the 24-year-old American rapper’s new documentary, ‘Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero’, had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. In the documentary film, Hill revealed how Lil Nas X helped him come out.


“My brother really opened doors for a lot of people. Yeah, he opened a door for me. What I mean by that, like, I’m not gay, though, you feel me? I’m bisexual. He helped me be real with myself. My brother made me more open to it,” Hill shared.

He continued to open up about his previous worry of losing important relationships because of his sexuality, and Lil Nas X was able to encourage him, as well as boost his confidence to be his true self.

“If you f**k with me, you f**k with me. If you don’t, you don’t. Bye. Get out of my presence. I don’t need you. At the end of the day, people are going to f**k with who they f**k with, so stop trying to chase a friend. A friend is going to always be there,” Hill further expressed towards the end of his interview.

‘Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero’ is expected to be released in the near future, however, an official date has yet to be announced.


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