Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ Finds Its Way Into A Super Bowl Commercial

Credit: YouTube

Who would’ve thought that Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott could make such a great team? The Grammy winning rapper and Oscar nominee joined forces in a hilarious Super Bowl commercial for the snack brand Doritos that aired on Sunday, February 2. 

The two men look like they are about to engage in a shoot off, country western style, towards the beginning of the footage but that changes the instant Lil Nas’ groundbreaking smash “Old Town Road” starts to play. Things do a complete 180 for them as it then becomes a dance off where the Georgia native shows off his fierce moves while Sam does everything from smacking his own behind to making his entire mustache go up and down. Pretty impressive. Oh and Lil Nas’ pants are very, very tight


The commercial, which has already amassed close to nine million views on YouTube, appears to be a hit, as many left positive comments about it. “I smiled at Sam’s mustache, but I actually broke out laughing when Sam’s horse shook his head no!,” one wrote before adding, “Way cool commercial. Love it!” Another chimed in with, “This is fake and I’ll tell you why. When Sam Elliott did the mustache move the battle would have ended right there. The only person who might have a chance after that is Tom Selleck.”

The “Panini” emcee shared some behind the scenes photos from the shoot on his Instagram where he simply looked fine as hell. Lil Nas is capping off one heck of a week as he took home 2 Grammy’s for “Old Town Road” (Best Music Video, Best Pop/Duo Group Performance) at the 2020 Grammys on Sunday, January 26. 

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