Lindsay Lohan Lands Another Comeback Film

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Lindsay Lohan Is Set To Star In A Netflix Christmas Movie As Her Newest Return To Screen

Ever since being Hollywood, and the tabloids, ‘It Girl’, Lindsay Lohan has been publicly struggling with her many demons. After soaring to super stardom, Lohan would eventually crash and burn due to substance and alcohol addiction along with internal, mental issues that prevented her from accomplishing or exceling in her craft of acting. It wasn’t long ago when media maven, Oprah Winfrey, put Lohan on a pedestal by giving her a public second chance and docuseries, that Lohan slowly but surely bombed on and left us all baffled. However, something about Lohan still sparkles – it’s why we continue to give her chance after chance. We’re all rooting for her after watching her go from hero to zero. Years after being out of the spotlight, and living outside of America, Lohan is returning to give us perhaps her last shot at sneaking into Hollywood’s good graces.


According to Variety, Lohan is going to be the star of an upcoming, unnamed Netflix Christmas-themed romantic comedy where she will portray an engaged, spoiled heiress who suffers from amnesia after a skiing accident and gets taken care of by a blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter.

No word yet on who will star opposite Lohan, but she never fails to connect with on-screen with whomever she’s playing against. We’ve seen her go toe-to-toe with the likes of Tina Fey, Tyra Banks, Jane Fonda, and Jamie Lee Curtis and held her ground. Lohan has unmeasurable talent, and has proven herself to be a wonderful, interesting person when she isn’t battling her addictions. This is a comeback most of us are certainly going to be rooting for, but there is a chance we’ll be experiencing DeJa’Vu. Lohan knows more than any of us that all eyes are going to be on her – especially as production begins this November. Netflix plans to air this film around the 2022 Holiday season.

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  1. It’s called, “All I Want For Christmas Is A Bag Over My Head And Career”. Lindsey, you are dismissed and you may leave the stage. She is trash.


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