Lindsay Lohan Updates Wendy Williams!

Lindsay Lohan Updates Wendy Williams!

Lohan Wants Her Own Island!

This is the most exciting day of my life…this year! So much yes! Okay, so by now you must know the most Gossipy Talk Show Host and Radio icon, Wendy Williams. Williams has been my immediate, go-to for all the Entertainment gossip for the last nine years now. Throughout these nine years, Williams openly admits that her hottest, hot topic is the one and only, Lindsay Lohan. In nine years of William’s show, she’s spoken about Lohan over 120 times!

Lohan, who currently lives in Dubai, has been trying to contact Williams for the last year…but speculation leads us to believe she was only trying to get Williams to fund her would-be-reality television show about pranking random people. Ohhh, Linds, always trying to do something. Well, we finally learn what Lohan has been up to all of these years as she sits down for an extended, 17-minute interview with Williams to spill the tea on her wild, bizarre life! OH my gosh, will she have a British accent? Will she come out drunk?! There’s literally no predictability with Lohan! Let’s breakdown some of the interview’s highlights here:

First, Lohan shows up absolutely glowing. Seriously, the spotlight looks good on her. Williams points this out immediately, before requesting Lohan show off some hot pink stilettos on the daily Shoe Cam. Williams admits that she’s a little nervous to do the interview because FREAKIN’ Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s unhinged mother and former manager, is sitting in the front row! THEN!

Lindsay announces that her FATHER, Michael Lohan, is there, too! OH MY GOD! It’s like America’s version of the Royal Family…of basketcases! I can’t handle this. I’m shaking at this point from excitement! Williams, always blunt, admits she didn’t know Michael and Dina could be in the same room. Umm, #SAME! Lindsay proclaims, “Well, they are,” and the audience applauds. Williams drops a huge question, asking Linds if Michael is the root of her problems. Gracefully, Lindsay tells that she doesn’t blame anyone for the problems she has faced in life; not her parents or even phony friends who only wanted to live Lohan’s lifestyle.

Her Life:

Speaking of friends, Lindsay tells that she doesn’t have any friends from her past life in the celebrity realm. She is the absolute closest with her family and that’s all she needs. She goes on to not recommending drinking and driving, stating that she never switched seats with a friend in a drunk driving incident.

Lohan informs everyone she is certainly still friends with Oprah, they just spoke last week. Williams dives into Lindsay’s odd-wired reality show. Lohan serves us a brutal truth: The production behind the show was trying to make her life scripted and into storylines, which she didn’t care for and thus had issues with filming. Right?! Lohan, and her family, literally do not need a script. Watch them for a day and you’ll have plenty to film! These are people who are genuinely entertaining by being themselves. These people are not the Kardashians, they do not need to be fed lines or put in fake situations!

Her Future:

Lohan continues to work with refugees and admits she wants a family of her own. While she remains focused on her humanitarian work, she has a lipstick line coming out, owns 2 Nightclubs, and continues to plan on living in Dubai as there are no paparazzi and not a party scene that involves alcohol.

However, don’t plan on seeing Lohan in anymore same-sex relationships. She admits she was with Samantha Ronson, but that was because, “She was in LA.” While some could deem this offensive, I honestly grabbed context clues. From my understanding of Lohan, during her fling with Ronson, she was still obsessed with the hot topic celebrity attention and courted a woman for more buzz.

Don’t anticipate a sequel to Lohan’s hit, Mean Girls, she claims to be obsessed with trying to get another film, but no one is taking the bait.

Oh, and the most important part of this article: Lindsay is in talks to have her…own island, which she is calling Lohan Island. She even claims to being trumping Donald Trump, since she’ll have her own island.

Don’t forget to check out this life changing exchange between Williams and Lohan below:

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