Lisa Vanderpump Leaves The Real Housewives!

Lisa Vanderpump Leaves The Real Housewives!


She Is Done With The Drama!

Ohh girl! I’m not too much into reality shows due to a lack of time, but The Real Housewives franchise has gotten my attention over the last years. Misogyny aside, who doesn’t like to see a bunch of women act like petty gay men? We’ve watched the women go through the mud with various storylines…forgetting these are their actual lives. Like, Teresa Giudice from New Jersey flipped a damn dinner table, went to jail, and now her husband may be deported once he leaves jail. How can you keep up with them all when collectively they are so messy!

According to Radar Online, one particular housewife, for the lack of a better term, isn’t returning to the franchise. Lisa Vanderpump of the Beverly Hills series, is popular in the LGBTQ community for her love of us, her eleganza (so to speak), and has one of the most Instagram friendly restaurants in the gayborhood of West Hollywood. But, we all certainly were introduced to her on Bravo’s hit series. Allegedly, she’s not returning for the next season of Housewives and has been incredibly distant from the current cast and barely in attendance while filming.

According to US Magazine, current cast mate and Actress, Lisa Rinna, made allegations Vanderpump refused to shoot group photographs with the rest of the women:


“We’re here shooting, the whole cast is here. Rumor has it that one of the cast members won’t shoot with us. They won’t do a group shot with us. So we’re sequestered in a room. But somebody’s holding out and won’t come out and shoot with us, can you imagine? Who is that? … They’re going to have to, like, put her, in a computer-like way.”

Radar Online claims Vanderpump, 58, is over the drama the women involve themselves in. Instead, she’s choosing to focus on grieving her recently deceased brother and running her successful businesses. Vanderpump will still proceed to film her other hit series, Vanderpump Rules, which also airs on the Bravo network.

Vanderpump is being questioned on if this is absolutely true and she gave a pretty yes-it-is-but-California-is-on-fire-we-need-to-rescue-dogs-answer:


It’s worth noting that Vanderpump is responding to messages regarding fostering animals affected by the California fires. Check out the tweet below on how to lend your heart:

Do you think Vanderpump will be missed on the next season of Real Housewives? Maybe this means they’ll bring Brandi Glanville back? I mean, she did do Celebrity Big Brother, so it’s safe to assume Glanville will do anything…

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  1. If there is no Lisa, there is

    If there is no Lisa, there is no me. I have been to Villa Blanca and Pump. I will continue to go but I am done w the Bravo show of she is gone. These shows must test people. On flipping out, Jenny is gone, proving that Jeff Lewis is an ads. I am a Realtor and used to see him all the time.

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