Lisbon Coffee Shop Owner Details Customers He Doesn’t Want in Video

Adam Newbold, the owner of C4 Coffee, lists the qualities he doesn’t want in a customer. (Photo Credit: Screenshot of video via Adam Newbold Rumble Channel)

Adam Newbold considers himself a patriot.  The former Navy Seal, who was present at the Capitol Riot on January 6, has opened a coffee shop in Lisbon, Ohio called Columbiana County Coffee Company or C4 Coffee.  Newbold posted a video on the website, Rumble, detailing what he thinks is not the customers he wants. 

“If you voted for Joe Biden, don’t buy our coffee. It’s not for you.  If you believe that there was nothing wrong with this election… if you think everything was on the up and up and there was no nefarious activity, don’t buy our coffee. It’s not for you. If you feel America is on the right track and there’s nothing wrong with gender-neutral, don’t know which bathroom to use or use whichever bathroom you feel like during the day, nothing wrong with our medical system, nothing wrong with our technological system, our monetary system, nothing wrong with our economy. If you feel like it’s a good thing that we’re getting handouts, our own money is getting handed back to us like it’s some sort of prize, don’t buy our coffee because it’s not for you.”


Newbold continues on listing the qualities in people he doesn’t want as customers including support for social media companies that “censor.” Newbold uses his privilege as a veteran to speak out against kneeling in protest of the national anthem. He also states his refusal to take the vaccine for COVID-19.

Newbold concludes the video with a slideshow of pictures that the GOP considers part of the ‘cancel culture’ including Dr. Suess, Elmer Fudd, Pepé Le Pew.

Newbold was one of the many who were at the Capitol on January 6.  In a video he posted after the riot, Newbold talks about how things unfolded at the Capitol that day.  He also has stated in a separate video he did nothing wrong that day at the Capitol.


Newbold also runs a security company called Advanced Training Group, which does consulting work for federal agencies, law enforcement, and the military.

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6 thoughts on “Lisbon Coffee Shop Owner Details Customers He Doesn’t Want in Video”

  1. C4….whether it be for use in explosives..a pre-workout energy drink..or taken for a high..all are lethal..not wishing death on anyone so I’ll just head on over to Starbucks for my Grande Extra hot latte…and know that it’s a great Joe…along with Biden and Bonamassa!!!

  2. What a POS, this is by far not a patriot he is nothing but an ignorant not in tune with the times, suck it up buttercup we aren’t in the 50’s people will be who they are and that is that! Sounds like one insecure individual especially one who supports a 26 time sexual assault and 1 time accused of rape not to mention 5 time draft dodger (real patriotic)!

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  4. For someone who calls himself a patriot he doesn’t believe in the rule of law. He has violated local building and zoning laws ever since he came to town, thinking that he is above the law. I don’t care what he thinks about folks in Washington. That has nothing to do with all of the problems he has caused here. And his coffee sucks fro what I have heard.

  5. Could it be that there’s actually a viable market for bigoted racists, or will this guy’s business crash, since bigots are so untrustworthy???

  6. What a sad and bigoted “patriot”?
    Patriot?, really?

    Calling yourself a “patriot” while harboring such negative and discriminatory views towards fellow Americans is part of the definition of fascism, as well as Christian,heterosexual, and Republican, White Supremacy?

    The American military that produced this man must be real proud of creating these treasonous and seditious Americans who tried to overthrow our government on January 6.


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