List of the Hottest Men To Morph Right In Front Of Our Faces

Calling all nerds! I can’t be the only geek reading Instinct Magazine, right? RIGHT?! 

At this point, the campy action series Power Rangers is a staple of childhood for multiple generations. You know the drill. Teens with attitude are imbued with special technologies, battle costumes and giant robot animals to aid them in their quest to protect planet Earth from space invaders. 

21 groups of heroes exist in the Morphing Grid as of this writing. And out of them all, I’ve comprised a list of the best-looking men to don the iconic suits. Some of them are sexy. Some of them are handsome. But they are all eye catching for various reasons! 

Check out my list of the hottest Power Rangers below!

  1. Austin St. John – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Red Ranger

2. Walter E. Jones – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Black Ranger

3. Johnny Yong Bosch – Power Rangers: Zeo’s Green Ranger 

4. Blake Foster – Power Rangers: Turbo’s Blue Ranger 

5. Selwyn Ward – Power Rangers in Space’s Blue Ranger 

6. Michael Copon – Power Rangers: Time Force’s Blue Ranger 

7. Jason Faunt – Power Rangers: Time Force’s Red Ranger 

8. Eka Darville – Power Rangers: Samurai’s Red Ranger 

9. Hector David Jr. – Power Rangers: Samurai’s Green Ranger 

10. James J. Davies – Power Rangers: Dino Charge’s Red Ranger 

11. William Shewfelt – Power Rangers: Ninja Steel’s Red Ranger 

12. Nico Greetham – Power Rangers: Ninja Steel’s Yellow Ranger 

13. Jasmeet Baduwalia – Power Rangers: Beast Morphers’ Blue Ranger 

14. Chance Perez – Power Rangers: Dino Fury’s Black Ranger 

Season two of Power Rangers: Dino Fury recently debuted on Netflix. Watch the full season and many others – including the original incarnation – on the streaming platform!

Did I miss any hot Power Rangers on my list? Let me know in the comments!

15 thoughts on “List of the Hottest Men To Morph Right In Front Of Our Faces”

  1. Wow, you have missed a lot. Like Tommy, the original green and then white, then red, then black Ranger. Zane the original silver Ranger. Andros, Red Space Ranger. Mystic Force green and red Rangers. Ninja Storm’s yellow Ranger and green Ranger. And many, many others.

  2. Dino Charge was black ranger not red lol and Eka Darville was red ranger for RPM not samurai.

    Def should have added Ryan Mitchell (light speed titanium)

  3. David blue ranger power ranger and get rid of Blake such a homophobic guy shouldn’t even be covered in a gay magazine.

  4. I’m just disappointed you’d include someone who has used anti-gay language to bully people online.

    Blake Foster may have been a ranger – but bullies aren’t hot.

  5. I thought James J Davies was the Dino Charge Black Ranger. I would add Danny Slavin who was Lost Galaxy Red Ranger, Jordi Webber who was the Ninja Steel Gold Ranger and Dacre Montgomery who was the Power Rangers reboot Red Ranger.


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