“Live out Loud” – Debut Single By J. Tyler Released.


Coming out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA is a new release from J. Tyler.  It's actually his debut single and we are impressed.  He's been involved in the music scene and winning accolades for years in the ATL (we'll mention that later), but now he's reaching out to us all with "Live out Loud."  Give it a listen and see what you think.




Very well done not only for a debut single, but for a seasoned performer's release, too.  Kudos to the one man film crew consisting of his actor / filmmaker / boyfriend Hugo Donis who shot the footage all around Krog Tunnel in Atlanta, GA.  I was impressed with what occurred on both sides of the camera. 

In a recent interview, we were able to learn more about J.Tyler and his past, his influences, and his debut release.

J. Tyler is a 23-year-old rapper from the Southern rural town of Pelham, Georgia. He started acting his sophomore year in high school, soon breaking school award records and winning accolades at the state level, but he also noticed a growing love for hip hop music. With Nicki Minaj’s debut, he began to look closer at the fast-paced lyricism of rap.  J. learned Busta Rhymes’s verse in “Look At Me Now” as it was popular amongst his classmates.  After one of his musical displays, a classmate told him, “You would never be a rapper…” It didn’t upset J. Tyler, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it.  He fell more in love with hip hop and started to practice daily.

Giving up his roots in South Georgia, he headed to the big city of Atlanta to pursue his dreams of being a rapper.  Once there, J. Tyler struggled to find a stage that would let him perform.  J. Tyler has performed at many top Atlanta venues including Six Flags over Georgia, Opera Nightclub, Burkhart’s, and Havana, which led to bookings in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  Within a couple of months, J. Tyler was nominated and voted Best Musician of Atlanta by the readers of GA Voice, and he has won that award for four consecutive years.  Also, adding to his accolades, J. Tyler was named one of the Most Influential Gay People of Atlanta by Fenuxe Magazine.

He began to transition his following to a more online presence by posting videos of his own remixes to popular songs on Facebook and YouTube, spreading his fan base throughout the United States and to other countries. These videos have also captured the attention of such celebrities as Chris Crocker, Ross Matthews, Perez Hilton, and even Missy Elliott. He keeps those tweets and shares on his computer.  I would, too!

J. Tyler recently joined the roster of Big Snow Entertainment, and his first joint effort with them is the release of his debut single, “Live out Loud”. “Live Out Loud” was inspired from the tragedy in Orlando. After the news broke about the shooting, J. Tyler began to write a song with a message of “Never take life for granted.”  He stated, “Living out loud means to live as your authentic self; to be free from the chains of society’s 'norm' and be happy with who you are.” J. Tyler’s purpose with this single is to spread happiness and love back into the community.

I want to thank J. Tyler for the time he gave us.  He's already proven to Atlanta and Georgia that he's a great talent and we wish him the best of luck on his debut's success.  He's also earned the honor of having his own MTV ARTISTS PAGE: http://mtv.com/artists/j-tyler/

Web radio shows are taking note. Listen to his interview on www.thisshowissogay.com



J. Tyler and I chatted about living in and performing around Atlanta and the south.  About Atlanta venues he said, "I've performed at Mixx before, but Burkhart's is my home" he stated.


If you would like to see J. Tyler live this weekend, he will be performing at My Sister's Room in Atlanta on August 13th.

And if you are going to be there this weekend, and want to sing along and J. Tyler's lyrics are so good and fast, here's the lyric music video for "Live out Loud."  Practice and join in.


Best of luck J. Tyler!


J. Tyler's official lyric video for "Live out Loud". Get the debut single on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/liv…

“Live out Loud” is also available on Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon.

Follow J. Tyler 

Website:  http://www.jtylermusic.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jtylermusic
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jtylermusic
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/official_jtyler

MTV ARTISTS PAGE: http://mtv.com/artists/j-tyler/

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