Lochte To Do Playgirl? Where Would The Money Go?


Would you buy a copy?  I am a HUGE Michael Phelps fan and my roommate is a Ryan Lochte follower. When I heard of this 'news' I asked him, "would you buy a copy?"  He said no, but he'd like to see "it."


Ryan Lochte, the 32-year-old Olympic swimmer, is being courted by Playgirl, ET can confirm.

"We are reaching out to him with an offer," Daniel Nardicio, a spokesperson for Playgirl, said about a possible deal with Lochte.

"Now that he's out of his Speedo sponsorship deal, Playgirl.com wants to get Ryan Lochte out of his Speedos," he continued. "We're fully prepared to handle this 'brah' (as Ryan would say), and take his studliness to new heights, in a huge offer to show American men and women what Ryan Lochte really would do—naked."

Nardicio also explained that Lochte embodies certain characteristics that are in line with the Playgirl brand.

"Sexiness, athleticism and he's totally masculine," he said. "What he did in Rio was stupid, so we'd even offer to donate his fee to a Brazilian charity of his choice!" – et.com

ET stated they also reached out to Lochte's team for comment, but nothing has been stated by the swimmer or his representatives.

Would you buy a copy? 

Wanna see the pics?

Are you ready to say Lochte who?


h/t: et.com

11 thoughts on “Lochte To Do Playgirl? Where Would The Money Go?”

  1. I would definitely like to

    I would definitely like to have a copy of Playgirl with Ryan Lochte naked.  I would like the profits to go to the schools in Rio.  It's the least Ryan and Playgirl could do for the mishap.  I know Ryan didn't mean it to happen.  Ryan is one of the hottest swimmers in the 30s there is.

  2. The sad thing is he wont do

    The sad thing is he wont do it.But if he dose,we will only see his ass like all the other so call famous photo layouts.He wont have the guts to show his penis.And the shots will more then likely be in the water.


  3. I tried to buy one of these

    I tried to buy one of these when I was a teen but I was kicked out for being under 18. I had the guts even though the mag was for women but as a teen hormones sometimes possess your whole will.

      • Really? haha.

        Really? haha.

        In my case, I was still 17 and there were a few PlayGirl mags for sale at a newspaper stand and there was this guy in the cover looking so inviting that it moved all more hormones. I tried to buy at one afternoon. I was nervous because I was a guy buying a mag for women's desire. They didn't judge since it was pretty obvious I was homosexual trying to buy that mag but they refused to sell it to me because I was underage.

        I avoided that newspaper stand for years because I was still in the closet deceiving myself about my sexual orientation and feared to be singled out for it despite not being judged when I tried to buy it.




  4. Lochte’s bad behavior & poor

    Lochte's bad behavior & poor judgment is CLASSIC, Text-Book post head-trauma typical.  The guy is an athlete.  Look far enough into his past & you're going to find an event or series of them where he seriously battered his brain-cage.  I honestly feel bad for him because so many people don't have a clue as to what a head battering will do to a person.  This effect has been long known in the sports of kick/boxing.  Remember in the 90's when Mike tyson got in that sh1t-storm of trouble? Yeah: Text-book symptoms -and he didn't get the help he needed either because the people managing him were greedy bastards.  Do some research. Have some compassion.  http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/tbi/detail_tbi.htm

  5. I’d purchase two copies, one

    I'd purchase two copies, one to leave at home and one to take with me at all times in my laptop bag, oh yes tell me this is true??


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