Log Cabin Republicans Features Melania Trump in Latest Video

Log Cabin Republicans’ Latest video has Melania Trump claiming Donald Trump is ‘pro-gay’ (Photo Credit: Screenshot from video via Log Cabin Republicans Official Twitter Page)

If you say a lie enough times, do you tend to believe it? Apparently, this is the case for the Log Cabin Republicans when it comes to their video of First Lady Melania Trump making claims that her husband “that gays and lesbians will be treated as he has always treated them. Equally.”  The First Lady goes on to say that Donald Trump was the first president “to enter the White House supporting gay marriage.”

This isn’t the first time a surrogate of the Trump administration has claimed the President is an ally for the LGBTQ community in a video for the Log Cabin Republicans.  Openly gay former US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell did a video for the group back in August

Grenell’s video like the First Lady’s also claims that Trump is “the most pro-gay president” in American history and in the language of both videos neither Grenell nor the First Lady says the actual term for the community as a whole, LGBTQ.

GLAAD has also created the Trump Accountability Project to keep track of harmful actions and rhetoric Donald Trump has done against the LGBTQ community.

The video went up on the Log Cabin Republicans Twitter page during the afternoon on Thursday and has received 514 likes and over 200 retweets.

Responses to Melania Trump’s video range from those praising her and Donald Trump

To others calling out the lies told by the First Lady

Some mocking Melania

And others calling out the Log Cabin Republicans for supporting Trump.

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Sources: Log Cabin Republicans Official Twitter Page, GLAAD

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