Log Cabin Republicans Release Statement On Presidential Endorsement Decision

With the LGBT vote for U.S. Presidency split basically 80 % to 20%  Clinton / Trump, it looks like the Republicans need to gain some ground in the rainbow community before November 8th.  Unfortunately for Trump, the hues of his political supporters have become a little more bland.

The Log Cabin Republicans have decided to pull their support for the Republican Presidential Nominee.  Before we get into the why, maybe we need to look at the who?  Who are the Log Cabin Republicans?


The Log Cabin Republicans is the nation’s original and largest organization representing gay conservatives and allies who support fairness, freedom, and equality for all Americans. Log Cabin Republicans has state and local chapters nationwide, full-time staff in Washington, DC, a federal political action committee, and state political action committees.

Log Cabin Republicans got its start in California during the late 1970s when gay and lesbian Republicans banded together to help defeat an anti-gay ballot initiative. The so-called Briggs Initiative, which would have prohibited gay people from teaching in public schools, was heading for passage until former California Governor and future President Ronald Reagan spoke out against the proposal. California voters soundly rejected the Briggs Initiative. From that pivotal campaign, the first Log Cabin chapters formed in the Golden State. – logcabin.org/about-us/


They don't sound so scary or plaid now do they?  Many have been against them because they feel it is impossible to be gay and a Republican. To learn more about their beliefs, head over to logcabin.org/about-us/ or you can watch this video from their website shared originally back in 2013



So about that Trump support.  We've heard many arguments of who "the gays" should support.  Here is the Log Cabin Republicans' complete letter from their website.



“Trust, but verify.”

So cautioned former President Ronald Reagan who inspired our founding in 1977—and it is a solemn understanding of that very instruction from our 40th president that compels Log Cabin Republicans to withhold endorsement from our Party’s current nominee.

Mr. Trump is perhaps the most pro-LGBT presidential nominee in the history of the Republican Party. His unprecedented overtures to the “LGBTQ community”—a first for any major-party candidate in our nation’s history—are worthy of praise, and should serve as a clarion call to the GOP that the days of needing to toe an anti-LGBT line are now a thing of the past.

But Log Cabin Republicans have long emphasized that we are not a single-issue organization, nor are our members single-issue voters. Even if we were, rhetoric alone regarding LGBT issues does not equate to doctrine. As Mr. Trump spoke positively about the LGBT community in the United States, he concurrently surrounded himself with senior advisors with a record of opposing LGBT equality, and committed himself to supporting legislation such as the so-called “First Amendment Defense Act” that Log Cabin Republicans opposes.

Should Mr. Trump become our nation’s next President, Log Cabin Republicans welcomes the opportunity to work with his administration to ensure the advances in LGBT freedom we have fought for and secured will continue.

Until and unless that happens, our trust would be misplaced.

Log Cabin Republicans will spend the remainder of the 2016 election cycle committed to preserving and growing GOP majorities in the United States Senate and House of Representatives.


What do you think of the LCR's stance?

Do you think it will have an effect on the presidential race?

Do you feel the timing of the letter is good, too late, or should they have supported their party's candidate until the end?



What do you think?