Logo Was Aware of ‘Find Prince Charming’ Escort Past? Wanted Ratings ‘Scandal?’

I thought I was lucky to be up in the back woods of Maine without Cable TV this week, but unfortunately, I still have the internet and get to see the update on the drama that is "Finding Prince Charming." 

My roommates and I had the conversation about if we would date someone that is / was a sex worker.  It was an interesting conversation …  One of the things that came up was, what if you did date someone and they did not divulge that information?  Would you end it once you found out?   What if you were on a TV show and you found out that the "chosen one" was a "hired one" in the past?


Two suitors from Logo's "The Bachelor"-style gay dating show "Finding Prince Charming" told The Wrap that network executives and producers knew about prince charming Robert Sepulveda Jr.'s escort past and that he was in a sex tape. The anonymous sources also claim the execs planned "the entire scandal to drum up ratings for the ailing network," The Wrap writes.

One contestant said there was "no way" Logo didn't know about Sepulveda's history despite a spokesperson telling The Wrap otherwise earlier this month.

"We all had to go through rigorous background checks for three weeks and another three days before the show even started taping," he told the website. Another suitor added: "I don't believe the network was blindsided. I don't think anyone believes that."

One of the contestants said he recognized Sepulveda, a 33-year-old interior designer, from the sex tape. He told The Wrap when he left "Finding Prince Charming" he searched for Sepulveda online.

"I Googled 'Robert Sepulveda' and the words 'sex tape' and there it was," he said. "Didn't even need to scroll down," he said.  – edgemedianetwork.com


So if you found out the suitor had such a past, would you have left? 

Would you think , hey, he's a professional so we know it'll be good.

Would your morals win out or would your desire to "win" make you stay?

Head over to edgemedianetwork.com to read more of their coverage where they talk about Logo knowing of his past and wanting "to churn up some drama to get attention."  They also mention the feelings some of the participants have about the whole drama, mainly disgust, as well as it seemed there were different rules, expectations, and requirements for the contestants than the "Prince."


"We still haven't taped the reunion show," one of the suitors told the site. "He's going to get a piece of my mind for sure." – edgemedianetwork.com


Final question.  Did Lance Bass know?

3 thoughts on “Logo Was Aware of ‘Find Prince Charming’ Escort Past? Wanted Ratings ‘Scandal?’”

  1. They are just taking a play

    They are just taking a play out of the Kartrashian playbook that whole families celebrity if based on a sex trap. Don't think for one minute it's because he defended what's his face. 

  2. OMG, it’s a reality show,

    OMG, it's a reality show, people.  Lighten up.  Oh and by the way, WHO CARES if he has escorting and ONE movie in his past?  When the fuck did gay men become so puritanical?  This new crop of gay men are so judgemental and sexually uptight, it's disturbing.  Sex is not immoral, wrong or something to be ashamed of.   And finally it's in his PAST, so why the hell would anyone care about it if they are dating him NOW?  

  3. The best that Logo can do for

    The best that Logo can do for "Prince Charming" is a narcissistic (ex?) prostitute along with a gang of narcissistic, stereotypical gays.  And we wonder why the rest of the world won't take us seriously.


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