Loki To Be Queer In Upcoming Disney+ Series

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A queer Loki on Disney+?

Wow, the MCU’s phase four really is looking to be the age of representation in comic book movies… if it ever gets off the ground.


An early report, and essentially a beefed-up rumor, is beginning to gain legitimacy among Marvel Fans. Specifically, We Got This Covered has shared insider tips that Loki, the god of mischief and secrets who’s the brother of Avenger Thor, will be queer in his upcoming Disney+ series. The news source then added that Loki will have two love interests in the show, one female and one male.

So far, we know nothing more about the series in production. And that new information is, frankly, an unverified scoop. Though, We Got This Covered has a great track record with this type of info. They were the source to first break the news that The Eternals would include a gay role. While that character was initially believed to be Richard Madden’s Ikaris, it was later revealed to be Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos. Then, the news source was also proven correct after breaking the news that the villain in Birds of Prey would be queer.

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In addition, there is backing for this development in comic books themselves. The comic book version of Loki is known to be queer. Plus, the character is popular for his shapeshifting abilities and different personas such as Lady Loki. And with news of Richard E. Grant playing an older version of the anti-hero and leaked production photos showing Sophia Di Martino looking like the character’s female persona, we expect to see several interpretations of the character. We may even get a glimpse of the Young Avengers member Kid Loki. Though, that’s pure speculation for now.

But with Phastos to be a married gay hero with kids, Wiccan and Speed set to arrive in Wandavision, America Chavez set to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Deadpool to hop over to the MCU, and more, we are excited to see a heap of representation in the MCU. But again, we have to wait for COVID-19 to clear up and stop delaying Hollywood projects. How patient do we have to be?!

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