Long-running Courtroom Judge Not a Fan of Homophobes

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From gang member, to Daytime Emmy Award winner, to… homophobe puncher?

If you’ve ever fought off a hangover on the couch, then you’ve probably watched several episodes of Judge Mathis. Having aired on daytime television since 1998, Judge Mathis is so successful because its title personality, Greg Mathis, uses his humble early beginnings, legal career and philanthropies to try and teach his guests while handing out a verdict. His tough love approach, different from Judge Judy‘s ‘I hate you’ approach, makes it easy to see why he’s the longest reigning African American presiding over a courtroom television show.


An author, a television producer and a sometimes-actor, Greg Mathis recently ventured into reality television with a new show on Bravo, Mathis Family Matters, which debuted on June 19th. The docu-series follows Greg Mathis, his wife and children, and his grandchildren as they tackle love, life and struggle in America. I’m sure viewers who tuned into the show weren’t expecting such a hard-hitting topic in the show’s debut episode. 

During the June 19th episode, Judge Mathis asks his son, Greg Jr., if he’s open with his sexuality yet; namely, how does he answer if strangers or new acquaintances ask him if he’s gay. Greg Jr. tells his father that he says “no” and lies that he’s heterosexual, which shocks the Daytime Emmy Award winner because his son came out to close friends and family 10 years ago. Greg Sr. pushes him further as to why.


Greg Jr. divulges that his father has received so much hate from fans of his long running courtroom show in regard to supporting the LGBT that he didn’t want to add more to his plate. His decision to stay in the closet outside of immediate family is solely to protect his dad from more hate. How endearing, but also sad!

When speaking to the hosts of Daily Pop on June 22nd, Greg Mathis states that it makes him angry that his son has to live in the closet due for hateful comments. Mathis wants to “get at” homophobes who use their opinions to cause fear and hatred, and kindly asks anyone in that category to stop watching his show. 

With such a noteworthy background, especially in his early years, I have my money on Judge Greg Mathis and I thank him for being an ally to the gay community!

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  1. I used to watch his court show years ago, didn’t know until now he has a gay son. I feel really sorry for his gay son who feels like that. Hugs.


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