LOOK: ‘AHS’ Actor Isaac Cole Powell Is Looking Sexy AF in Latest Pics

Isaac Cole Powell recently celebrated his 28th birthday, and he just so happened to post a very steamy photo the day before as a reminder for people to “WORSHIP” him on his very special day (deservingly so).

“Hope this post finds you well. it was on my story first. it can now be found here as well…additionally, please be advised that tomorrow is my twenty-??th/rd/st/nd birthday. this is a gentle reminder to absolutely WORSHIP me tomorrow. thank you and happy new year!!
X,” the actor and singer wrote on the caption.

And now, we admire his steamy birthday post in question… 😉



Aside from that, the ‘American Horror Story’ star sported this season’s leading collections in a series of stunning and sexy black and white photos. He shared some of the pics via an Instagram post, which he captioned:

“style genius @thealexbadia dressed me up in a few of my favorite designers for @wwd cover story
story. Words by @leighnordstrom grooming by the lovely @lailalhayani and shots by @dor13n. Full story on @wwd

Of course, here are the said photos for your viewing pleasure. <3


(c) Instagram: @isaaccolepowell
(c) Instagram: @isaaccolepowell
(c) Instagram: @isaaccolepowell
(c) Instagram: @isaaccolepowell
(c) Instagram: @isaaccolepowell

Moreover, Powell was also cast as one of the series regulars in HBO’s comedy pilot ‘The Franchise,’ which “follows a hopeful crew trapped inside the dysfunctional, nonsensical, joyous hellscape of franchise superhero moviemaking,” as per Deadline.

Sources: deadline.com, wwd.com

2 thoughts on “LOOK: ‘AHS’ Actor Isaac Cole Powell Is Looking Sexy AF in Latest Pics”

  1. Not my type but I appreciate what he was trying to say and that (as is clear from the one other lonely reply here) that he is someone’s type. I do appreciate that Instinct is trying to broaden it’s content and site contributions but it wouldn’t hurt to say somewhere here that he’s openly gay (even if it might be in earlier Instinct posts). Otherwise I would have come here to say it’s another random rando being highlighted on Instinct for posting thirst images without any real connection to the gay community other than the person being celebrated is willing to shed clothes and show skin for their own profit. At least Isaac here is willing to talk the talk and walk the walk for his community. So definite props to him for that.

    I also wouldn’t have minded some info about his career outside AHS (and if it’s been covered before, besides just the boxes at the bottom, the old way that articles were written here was better – where in the story, the writers would say, for example, you can read about this Broadway actor here (and link straight to the Instinct article that talks about that).

    Just my two cents!


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