LOOK: David Archuleta Flexes Muscular Physique in Latest Workout Video

David Archuleta recently posted a workout video, wherein he flexes his muscular physique, and his “beast mode” transformation had people thirsting over him!


On the caption, the 32-year-old singer wrote:


“Beast mode #gym #workout”

Meanwhile, here are some of the comments on his post:

“yep this crush ain’t going away”

“Thirst trap era has begun !”


“Daddy? Sorry. Daddy??? I— sorry i—- ……… daddy”

“So I’m a lesbian… but then there’s David”

Actor and Lance Bass’ husband, Michael Turchin, also commented:

“Oh hey there He-Man”


Moreover, his fans are curious as to what motivated his physical progress, and Archuleta shared:

“Every January during my down time I tend to get really lazy, start eating lots of ice cream, and sulk while I’m home. This year I am sticking to a routine and aiming to get them gains! 2023 I’m coming for you.”


Some comments also wanted to know what his routine is, and whether or not he has a trainer guiding him. The “Faith In Me” singer responded that he consults a trainer from time to time. Archuleta also admitted that he didn’t know how to pace himself at first, which caused injuries while working out. It then resulted to him lacking motivation.


Source: talentrecap.com

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