LOOK: Drag Queen Seeks Revenge on Homophobic Attacker in ‘Femme’

The 2023 film ‘Femme’ recently dropped a teaser ahead of its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, and it features a drag queen seeking revenge on his homophobic attacker.

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As per Variety, the movie’s plot reads:


“The film centers on Jules (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), whose life and career as a drag queen is destroyed by a homophobic attack. But when he re-encounters his attacker, the deeply-closeted Preston (George MacKay), in a gay sauna, he is presented with a chance to exact revenge. Unrecognizable out of his wig and make-up, Jules infiltrates Preston’s life, and in doing so, discovers power in a different kind of drag.”

‘Femme’ is written and directed by Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping, and in a statement, the filmmakers shared how the revenge thriller came to be.

“The seed of ‘Femme’ came from our desire to flip the classic hyper-masculinity of the neo-noir thriller on its head. By putting a queer protagonist at the heart of our revenge story, we aimed to put our own stamp on a genre that we love but from which we have often felt excluded,” they expressed.

Freeman and Ping further stated,


“However, once we started work on the film, the idea began to evolve into something that felt much bigger in scope. We realized that a queer reframing of such a hetero-centric genre was the perfect way to explore – and explode – conventional ideas of sexuality, masculinity, patriarchy, and identity.”

‘Femme’ is starring Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and George MacKay, and it is set to premiere on Sunday in the Panorama section of the Berlin Film Festival. In the meantime, you can watch the teaser here:

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