LOOK: Gay Twitter Celebrates the Return of ‘Noah’s Arc’ Series

The iconic gay series ‘Noah’s Arc’ is set to return on our screens, as the show’s creator Patrick Ian Polk confirmed the news himself at the We Speak Out USA’s 2nd Annual I Am Awards.

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Polk received an honor, and during his speech, he stated:


“I will say I am very happy to confirm that there is indeed more ‘Noah’s Arc’ coming.”

‘Noah’s Arc’ was released back in 2005 on Logo TV, and it continued for two seasons. The show follows the life, love and drama of the queer circle, which includes Darryl Stephens, Jensen Atwood, Rodney Chester, Doug Spearman, and Christian Vincent.


In 2008, the franchise had released a movie, and they also did a 15th anniversary virtual reunion in 2020. Finally after almost two decades of fans hoping for the show’s return, ‘Noah’s Arc’ is official coming back, and here’s what gay Twitter has to say about this exciting news!

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“Noah’s ARC is coming back!? B**CHES GET TF UP!!! Literally one of my favorite series of ALL TIME!! Taught me everything I know about the gay scene today! #NoahsARC,” one user tweeted.

Another one wrote:


“Y’all don’t even know! So freakin’ happy about this right now!!! I can’t wait to see my boys back on the screen!!!!! If you’re unfamiliar, get yourself acquainted real quick! #NoahsArc.”

“It was announced tonite that the iconic series “Noah’s ARC”, will be returning this year. Congrats to the cast—a huge win for black gay culture!,” one person also expressed.

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3 thoughts on “LOOK: Gay Twitter Celebrates the Return of ‘Noah’s Arc’ Series”

  1. “Iconic”? Really? I guess it doesn’t take much to be an incon these days. Here’s hoping the reboot hires proper actors… the “actor” playing Noah was absolutely dreadful.

  2. Definitely a win for the gays! This was one of my favorite gay shows (I’m white if that even matters) but yeah great series.


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