LOOK: ‘Heartstopper’s Nick and Charlie’s Story Continues Years After

‘Heartstopper’ fans are celebrating once again, as a new story from the book series has been released in the US and Canada.

The award-winning author and illustrator of the well-loved books, Alice Oseman, recently shared a photo of the cover on Instagram, and on the caption she wrote:

“My novella, NICK AND CHARLIE, is out today in the US and Canada! I originally wrote this short story in 2015, which was before Heartstopper ever existed. It was only released on e-book in 2015, so it’s very cool that this gorgeous hardback now exists, eight years later. I was very excited to get to illustrate the cover once again! I hope you all enjoy this little story about Nick and Charlie’s last summer before Nick heads off to university!”


The cover of “Nick and Charlie” features a vibrant illustration of the couple cuddling in bed, and it is just so adorable. <3 As per the book’s synopsis shared by the 28-year-old English author, the couple is bound to face a new challenge in their relationship, as Nick will be leaving for college.

“As the time to say goodbye gets inevitably closer, both Nick and Charlie start to question whether their love is strong enough to survive being apart,” part of the blurb reads.

Concluding the synopsis, Oseman wrote:

“Everyone knows first loves rarely last forever. What will it take for Nick and Charlie to defy the odds?”


Aside from the release of the book “Nick and Charlie,” the hit series ‘Heartstopper’ was also renewed for two more seasons, and Season 1 is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: gayety.co

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