Look, Let’s All Set Politics Aside for a Moment and Just Enjoy This Video of a Perfect Male Specimen Showering

Look, it’s been an exhausting, emotionally draining week— and most of us weren’t even remotely healed from the scars of election night 2016 to begin with. 

But hey, there were a lot of victories Tuesday night. So that should help nerves and comfort us some. 

And so should this: a 30-second Twitter video of a jaw-droppingly attractive male specimen taking an outdoor shower. 

Brought to our attention by Cocktails and Cocktalk, the full-frontal and NSFW vid was shared on the Late-Night-Blog Twitter feed. At first, the model was anonymous, but it appears one Tweeter has identified tall, dark, muscular, uncut and bubble-butted model as Mateo Lanzi

Check out Mateo’s Instagram here, and his OnlyFans here

Here’s a preview of the 30 seconds of NSFW sunshine, and a few pics of the stud.  






S u m m e r V i b e s

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Time to relax spa is always a good idea! good evening #HaveABreak

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I need someone who sees the fire in my eyes and want to play with it. : @ranobrac

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For the full video, head over to Late-Night-Blog’s Twitter

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