LOOK: Mark Wahlberg Flexes His Ripped Physique in Latest IG Post

Mark Wahlberg recently dropped a video of him shirtless and flexing his ripped physique that looks like he’s in 20s.

It seems like the 51-year-old actor has been busy putting in some extra workouts, and in the video, he said that he is “getting ready for the Christmas holiday” while flaunting his muscles. He shared the video on Instagram, and on the caption, he wrote:

“Nobody was hurt making this video!! @bigdealdowd can handle it!  @performinspired #PIPartner”


People on the comments section are complimenting Wahlberg for his fit physique, and here are some of their reactions:


The ‘Uncharted’ actor previously shared his daily schedule, and he said that he gets up at 2:30 in the morning and does a work out twice a day, amounting to more than two and a half hours of physical exercise.

To recover, he spends time in a cryo chamber for recovery, and he goes to bed by 7:30 in the evening. Wahlberg has also previously switched to a plant-based diet after suffering from what he described to be a “leaky gut.”

What an intense daily routine the actor has, but it must be worth it, seeing that his body looks great!

Source: ladbible.com

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  1. Nice bod, looks older than 20s and he’s still a douche, racist past and the fact that he could have stopped 9/11 will always make him douchie to me, always.


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