LOOK: Noah Schnapp Stars As a Creepy Stalker in ‘The Tutor’

Noah Schnapp is starring in the 2023 mystery film, ‘The Tutor,’ where he is playing the role of a billionaire’s son, who turns out to be a creepy stalker.

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In the recently released official trailer, Garrett Hedlund, who plays the titular ‘Tutor’ named Ethan, talks to his supportive girlfriend, portrayed by Victoria Justice, about the strange vibe he is getting from his student Jackson (Schnapp). 


However Justice’s character reminds him:

“They’re just kids, Ethan. They can’t help that they come from money.”

Thereafter, things get out of control as Jackson starts to stalk and obsess over Ethan, ultimately trying to destroy his tutor’s life. With Jackson’s accusations, Ethan’s perceived dark secrets are threatened to be exposed, not to mention, he also has to prove his innocence.

Moreover, the upcoming film’s official synopsis reads:


“An in-demand tutor is assigned to instruct a billionaire’s son from their New York waterfront estate. But what should be a straightforward job is complicated by the student’s disturbing obsession with him, threatening to expose his darkest secrets.”

‘The Tutor’ is written by Ryan King and directed by Jordan Ross, and it is scheduled to be released in theaters on March 24. In the meantime, you can watch the official trailer here:

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  1. I wonder if there will be a gay twist to this story. Like the student caught him with another man or maybe even tries to hide that he seduced him or something like that.


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