LOOK: Oprah Is Shocked to Hear What a Man Said About Her Gift Idea

The holiday season is officially in full swing, and most people have been busy doing their usual gift shopping for family and friends.

In a viral video, a man asked Oprah Winfrey for some gift ideas for his mother, and the 68-year-old talk show host recommended a red jewelry box, which she had on her list of favorite things.

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However, the man said that her gift recommendation was too pricy, and to that, Winfrey’s reaction seemed a little shocked to hear that $100 was an expensive price point for a Christmas gift.

She was quick to recover from her initial reaction though, and then recommended the man to list down the top ten reasons why he loves his mother and make her a beautiful Christmas card, which is a good sentimental gift idea.

Of course, the internet has some thoughts on the viral video, and here are some of them from TikTok:

“She said oh you poor? I got a better gift for you.”


“I think Oprah handled this and answered this very well.”

“😳Oprah said I’m not even gonna try to give you a suggestion for $50 Here you go free from your heart😂😂😂”

“She said it’s either $100 or it’s nothing.”

“Bless her heart. she was trying to help. I love both her suggestions. there was no judgement in her tone or reaction. love her sentimental gift idea.”


You can watch Winfrey’s viral video here:


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