LOOK: This Barber Attempts to Seduce His Hot Customers

An Instagram meme account, @fitnessgayz, recently shared a video of a barber seducing his customers while doing his job, and the comments section are absolutely loving it!

(c) TikTok: @silvanodocort

The video was originally posted by @silvanodocort on TikTok, and the account has gained 755.7K followers as of this writing. In the video, the barber is tidying up his hot customers’ eyebrows, and upon finishing his job, he caresses their face down to their lips… 😉


His customers, who initially have their eyes closed, look at the barber after his caress moment, and they react to it with all smiles and laughs.

The Instagram caption read:

“The second one def fell in love.”

Meanwhile, the comments section are losing it after watching the video, and they have all sorts of reactions and questions.


“Ok but who’s the first guy. Asking for self,” one user asked.

One person also explained,

“We call it “brotheragem” in Brazil (sexual practices between two “straight” men).  Gotta help a brother out no matter what.”

Another user commented:


“Brazilians being Brazilians”

“the I Will Survive parody is pure Brazilian gay culture gold,” a user noted, referring to the video’s background song.

One user seems to be keen on meeting the barber IRL, asking:

“Where do I make an appointment?”


The video is highly entertaining, and two users seem to agree…

“I’ve watched this like 5x now,” one person commented.

Another one wrote:

“Why did I watch this like 5 times?,” followed by a heart eyes emoji.


A comment also read:

“He felt something. Oh my”

“Some guys just wanna be touched ok,” another person expressed.

You can watch the video here:

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