LOOK: ‘Wednesday’ Actor Hunter Doohan Stars in a Queer Horror Short

Out actor Hunter Doohan is starring in a queer horror short film, ‘Ringing Rocks,’ which will have you second guessing your next resort getaway.


The indie movie’s synopsis reads:

“A young man takes his grief-stricken boyfriend to recover at an idyllic desert resort, but awakens to an eerie new reality.”

Cliff (Max Sheldon) suffered from paranoid delusions after a tragic loss, and had to undergo intense psychiatric treatment. His partner Anson (Doohan) takes him on a trip, hoping that their overnight getaway at a beautiful desert resort will help his partner.

However, it’s not that simple, as Anson notices that something is off. The supposed paradise for the couple eventually becomes a personal hell for Anson, as things get “more and more eerie.” Aside from Doohan and Sheldon, ‘Ringing Rocks’ is also starring Rhian Rees, Leesa Kim, Shaw Purnell, Robert Sudhoff, and Robert Broski.


It is directed by Gus Reed, and he considers the short film as his “first real statement” as a gay filmmaker. In an interview with Queerty, he revealed that the movie was inspired by his own personal trip with his boyfriend at a resort in Desert Hot Springs, California. 

Reed described their getaway, sharing:

“Everything was a little bit off. 

A bizarre interaction with the hotel manager left us wondering if we were safe there as a gay couple.”

You can watch the eerie trailer of ‘Ringing Rocks’ here:

Source: queerty.com

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  1. Looks like I have to check out this gay little short, it got 9.6 in IMDB as of now not a lot of reviewers but still. Hopefully will be made into a full movie.


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