Looking? Sure, are you an elected official?

Cross Coburn, a council member from Groves, Texas is in a bit of hot water after some steamy shirtless photos of him from Grindr were sent to City Hall and other local media. Allegedly there were also some X-rated pics.


It’s hard enough trying to be a politician in today’s world, but when you throw in other factors like being gay and young—you have a lot more against you. How young you ask? Well, Coburn is a very mature 19 years old! Yup, a baby politician!

This week, anonymous envelopes arrived to Groves City Hall and local media with Coburn’s private Grindr photos and conversations he had with other men. Accompanied with the material was a note:

Is this in any way proper behavior of a councilman to represent himself online or a ‘dating’ app? I felt the city council should be made aware of the situation.

Looks like someone didn’t get a tap back from the councilman and is being a Bitter Betty!


Coburn told KDFM-TV:

I felt like I was being harassed, being discriminated against because I’m a young gay man on City Council. That is my personal life and no one should know about it. I’m sorry if anyone took it the wrong way, but it’s really nothing more complex than this is my personal life.

The mayor of Groves, Brad Bailey, feels that nothing unlawful has occurred told Port Authority News:

I would like it to be known that the city is aware of this (photos), the allegations of photos of private areas. We have met and discussed it with our police department and HR department. It will be an issue. Personally I think it’s unbecoming of a public official, regardless of age.


What’s even more baffling is that Coburn’s photo has been removed from the City’s website.

He also suggested that if the residents of Groves were so inclined, they could petition for a recall election.

This is obviously Coburn’s first time around serving in any political position—he only became part of council in August 2017. Coburn expresses that he has no plans of stepping down as he still has much to learn in his political post.


Needless to say, the young council member will probably be more careful IF he decides to continue exploring on dating apps.

This gay world is so vicious, Cross, be careful if you’re looking for fun!


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  1. Sorry dude that’s the life of

    Sorry dude that’s the life of working in a public facing government job. You represent not only yourself but the community. If you don’t want your private life to be made public, then don’t publish private pictures in a public forum. The situation sucks yeah but good learning opportunity.


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