Loris Speaks On Her ‘Dragula’ Legacy & New Single ‘Freak Planet’

Emerging from the sultry & smoldering group of Dragula ghouls, Loris has teamed up with RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 star Honey Davenport on their brand new track, the socially conscious and steamy Freaky Planet. With an industrial style video with some blink you might miss them cameos, Davenport & Loris craft a social message around a pulsating dance beat, to glorious results. I sat down to chat with Loris about her collaboration with Davenport, her recent Dragula experience, & how for this performer, the journey has always been part of the fun. 


Michael Cook: Tell me about ‘Freak Planet’; its a very interesting sound & perspective!

Loris: Honey Davenport and I wanted to create a bop, something people would immediately start dancing to! We have my biological brother Curtis to thank for the beat, so this project was truly all love and all family. The lyrics, written by Honey and myself, are the heart of the song and reflect the importance of using your platform to speak out against the injustice in the world. Styled entirely by my latex company GummiBär Latex, the video features glossy aesthetic fashions, ooky spooky monsters (Some of which you may recognize from past seasons of Dragula) and of course, a timely message about unity and social justice.

MC: What was it like working with Honey Davenport? She is known to be inventive and creatively unique when it comes to her material and collaborators.

L: Honey is such a professional! She has done so may songs and music videos, and I was just excited to be collaborating with someone who has so much experience creating awesome content! Hopefully we will do more songs in the future.


MC: You recently were featured on Dragula: Resurrection. What was it like heading back to the Dragula world into the competition and craziness?

L: I have realized that competitions are not great for my anxiety, but I was excited to get to come back and show my artistry nonetheless!


MC: What is the origin of the story of Loris? From Switzerland to New Mexico is truly an interesting journey…

L: My mom immigrated from Switzerland to New Mexico because of nursing school. She wanted to provide for our family (my brother and myself) so she wanted to further her education! We moved to Carlsbad first, but then relocated to Santa Fe because Carlsbad wasn’t fabulous enough for our quirky little family. I finally moved to LA after I graduated high school.


MC: What’s next for Loris? Any future collabs you are looking to possibly do?
L: Frankie Doom and I have been wanting to get together and do a makeup video together! She was in my music video for Freaky Planet and I always love working with her, she is so much fun!

MC: What do you celebrate the most about yourself?
L: I celebrate my freedom of expression most of all. I believe that my creativity was always nurtured and encouraged by my family, and that is so important. Shout out to my Mom and Dad!

MC: How have you stayed creatively fueled during the past year?
L: I have been taking a lot of time to really look inward and find out what is the next big step in life. I’m looking forward to going to the UK next year for Dragfest, so i’m kind of using that as my light at the end of this seemingy endless Covid tunnel! 

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