Lost Re-election b/c Of Anti-LGBT Opinions, Former Senator Nominated For High Banking Position.


Look, another old white man that doesn't care for LGBT equality gets nominated by Trump.  Make America Gre . . . ah screw it.

President Donald Trump intends to nominate former Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) to head the Export-Import Bank, finding a place for a congressman who lost his re-election bid in large part because of anti-gay comments that turned off big financial donors.

In 2015, Garrett told fellow Republicans in a closed-door meeting that he wouldn’t pay his dues to the National Republican Congressional Committee because the organization supported some gay candidates, Politico reported.

Garrett has since clarified that he doesn’t oppose gay people running for office, but he believes the GOP should not support candidates who back same-sex marriage. His comments cost him support from Wall Street donors, who had been a major source of funding for his previous campaigns. It was a notable show of no confidence since the congressman chaired a key House financial services subcommittee, and financial firms would normally want to curry his favor. – huffingtompost.com

So we have a gentleman that does not approve of gay marriage seeking a position in the Republican rule.  He doesn't have the support of big funders / Wall Street funders.  His vote and position may not have any effect on marriage equality, so do we look past this flaw?

Trump must have a wonderful reason to be nominating Garrett to a banking position, yes?  The former Senator must have a plan for the Export-Import Bank, to make sure it is solid and stable, right?

Trump recently shifted his position on the Export-Import Bank, telling The Wall Street Journal last week that small companies are “really helped” by the institution. During the 2016 campaign, he’d said the bank was unnecessary.

Similarly, as a congressman, Garrett opposed the Export-Import Bank and called it a “corporate welfare program.” – huffingtompost.com


From October 2015, we see the following video clips of Garrett ont he Senate floor sharing his thoughts about the future of the Ex-Im Bank.   Pay attention to his closing remark.



"We have the opportunity today to keep the Export-Import Bank out of business."

Good lord, it's like Betsy DeVos put in charge of saving the public education system and she favors privatization. Why is he appointing people to do the exact opposite of what they are supposed to be doing?  Is this the Republican way?

Best of luck to the Senate approval committee on this one.

h/t: huffingtompost.com

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