Louis Tomlinson Gets His $660 Tank Top Ripped Off by Fans

Louis Tomlinson recently went viral after he unexpectedly had to perform shirtless during his concert in New York City.

(c) Instagram: @louist91

The said show concluded the North American leg of his Faith in the Future tour, and it certainly was a memorable one. Basically, his fans ended up tearing off his $660 tank top, leaving him to perform shirtless… (not complaining though)


During his NYC gig, the 31-year-old English singer-songwriter approaches the crowd, which led to them ripping off his top. In the video, he can be seen with a smile, and seemingly just enjoying the energy that the crowd was giving.

As the audience grew wild with excitement for Tomlinson’s presence, the security can be seen trying to protect him. While all of that was happening, he continued to perform his closing song “Silver Tongues”, and was able to eventually step away from the crowd.

The One Direction member then laughed after noticing the state of the remnants of his top, and threw the scrap of fabric towards the audience, which ended up in the hands of one lucky fan. According to a tweet, they think that he was wearing a Tom Ford “sleeveless jersey vest,” which costs $660. 


You can watch the crowd going wild for Tomlinson here:


And here’s his shirtless state after…

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Source: mirror.co.uk

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