Louisiana Attorney General Wins Court Approval In Battle with Governor And Against Gay Rights Order

We first posted on the fight between these "Southern Gentlemen" in Louisiana Gov. Out To Protect LGBTQ Rights. Fights Against / Sues State's Attorney General.  What is a man to do when he is sued?  Counteract with his own court visit and ruling. Courts have become where battles over gay and transgender rights are being fought and decided across the United States.  Is this the right place to end these discussions on hate and discrimination? We were happy when SCOTUS ruled in favor of marriage equality in the United States, but when they do not rule in our favor …


Louisiana's attorney general said he got legal clearance on Monday to keep blocking a measure protecting gay and transgender workers in the state, one of a growing list of disputes over LGBT rights heating up across the south.

Jeff Landry, a Republican, has been caught in a confrontation with the state's Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards, who brought in measures in April banning state agencies from discriminating against gay and transgender people.

Landry, who has described himself as a "campaigner for conservative family values", started blocking several new contracts the state signed with companies that included those protections.

He accused the governor of overstepping his authority and largely steered clear of directly discussing gay rights. But his stance has won support from conservative lawmakers and groups across the state, including the Louisana Family Forum.

Edwards brought a lawsuit trying to prevent Landry from blocking the contracts. But Landry said a state judge in Louisiana's capital Baton Rouge dismissed that lawsuit on Monday.

"All along, I have stated my intention to put Louisiana's best interests forward as I serve as the state's chief legal officer," Landry said in a statement. He would "not cower to executive overreach," he added.reuters.com


The Governor will most likely appeal this ruling.

Who has the upper hand in this case? 

The elected Governor who needs to look out after all of Louisiana's citizens?

The Attorney General, also an elected official, that has the job of protecting the legal rights of all citizens?


h/t: reuters.com


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