‘LOVE CONNECTION’ Goes LGBT For First Time Ever. One Contestant ‘Comes Out’ To Parents/Everyone On Show.

We knew that there would be a same-sex situation on the new Love Connection, but we just didn't know when. I mean, come on, it's Andy Cohen.  Of course one of our LGBT media moguls will put family on!

Liz Baxter was the first LGBT contestant to recount the three blind dates that the show sends their bachelors and bachelorettes on in hopes of finding love.

What was surprising to many was that one of Liz’s dates actually came out to her family in the episode.


“It was surreal sitting there when she came out,” Cohen told EW on Thursday. “I sat down and was like, ‘Wow, this is awesome.’ I’m the host, I’m gay, she’s gay, we’re all gay today.” – EW.com

It was great to see that Liz and her three dates were accepted on this nationally broadcast FOX television show, especially after the week our LGBT community had with #45's tweets.

One stupid staight man surprise came during Liz and Kat's date


Leave it to a man to ruin a good lesbian thing.

Will Love Connection have more LGBTQ representation in the future?  Gay men?  Transgender? Gender-fluid? It is said that Cohen is remaining optimistic for more LGBTQ contestants to appear in the future.

I want to see a good bisexual episode.

Do you think FOX played it safe with doing a lesbian scenario first?

Love Connection airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

h/t: EW.com

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