‘Love Simon’ And ‘Pose’ Producer Greg Berlanti To Direct/Produce A Rock Hudson Film

Rock Hudson in the trailer for "Giant" / Image via WIkimedia Commons

When he’s not producing superhero television shows like Arrow and The Flash, Greg Berlanti is championing gay themed stories like Love, Simon and Pose. In fact, Berlanti is the busiest producer in Hollywood with 15 currently airing series under his belt.

And now, he’ll be working on another gay-themed film.

According to Deadline, Universal Pictures has picked up a movie version of the book All That Heaven Allows: A Biography of Rock Hudson.

Rock Hudson was an Oscar-nominated actor who worked in Hollywood and stayed in the closet for the majority of his life. He was diagnosed with HIV in 1984 and passed away of AIDS-related complications a on October 2, 1985 at the age of 59.

Eileen Prose interviewed Hudson in April 1984.  During the interview, he told Prose, "I will not be sick."



Berlanti will be directing and producing the film. He’ll be working alongside Sarah Schechter as representatives of their production company Berlanti Film Corp. and Sherry Marsh for Marsh Productions & Entertainment. And now that the film has been greenlit, Berlanti and Co. are on the search for a writer.

h/t: Deadline

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