Love, Simon Is Becoming A Series!

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Love, Simon’s coming back to us, folks. And this time, it’ll be a series.

Disney has just announced a straight-to-series order for the hit 2018 coming out and coming of age film by Greg Berlanti. But there’s a twist.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series will run on Disney’s upcoming streaming platform Disney+. As for the story’s content, the series will be based on Leah on the Offbeat, the sequel novel in Becky Albertalli’s Simon book verse.

But for those who are excited to see Simon Spier return to their screens, heads up. He’s not the lead. Yes, the sequel novel’s title gives us a hint at the series’ focus. The story shifts attention to Simon’s best friend in order to tell her story. Simon will merely be a supporting character.

The synopsis for the novel goes as follows:

“Leah Burke is a drummer, usually on the beat drumming in the band Emoji. However, Leah has kept something from all of her friends, even from her openly gay best friend, Simon: she is bisexual. The only person to know about her sexuality is her mother, whom Leah is very close to. When her friend group starts to rock, Leah doesn’t know what to do, with prom and graduation coming up. In between her friends fighting and graduation, Leah then realizes she might like one of her friends more than she first thought.”

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Screenwriters Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker will head the Disney+ series as showrunners. As for original director Greg Berlanti, he will not be returning for this series. Neither will the original movie’s cast.

Disney’s decision to revisit Love, Simon comes after the company acquired Fox for $71.3 billion. Disney has several other plans for other Fox properties such as future Deadpool movies and possibly (another) X-Men reboot.

h/t: Hollywood Reporter

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