Love Simon Star Keiynan Lonsdale And Model Zak Frio Declare Their Love On Social Media

Actor and singer Keiynan Lonsdale is making social media tributes to male model Zak Frio after enjoying a recent trip with him.

The two enjoyed time together at the Joshua Tree National Park in California.

According to GayStarNews, the 26-year-old Love, Simon actor made sure to give a shout out to his companion when he made a social media post about the trip.

“All we want for each other is to grow and be more of our true selves each day. No nonsense, no noise… just magic, just breathing, just being. Thank you for one of the best wknds of my life. I love ya i love ya i love ya yes i do” captioned Keiynan in the post below.


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Then on Twitter, Keiynan also thanked “his boy” for the weekend away while posting even more pictures.

But it wasn’t just Keiynan that had all the fun. Zak also shared the love on his own Instagram account where he said:

“A weekend I’ll remember for life. Find Yourself Someone You Can Be 100% Yourself With 100% Of The Time. Someone who holds you accountable to be the very best you can be in this life.”

He added:

@keiynanlonsdale thank you for always Inspiring me. Thank you for encouraging me to be myself and to be my very best. Life is a crazy adventure and it is a blessing to explore and grow with you by my side. Magic.”


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Keiynan Lonsdale’s role in Love, Simon has caused a rise in his popularity. It doesn’t hurt that the actor and singer came out as bisexual last year after working on the film.

Since then, the actor for DC show The Flash has created sexy music videos, songs about kissing boys, and has shared how appreciative he was to be a part of such an important LGBTQ movie.

h/t: GayStarNews

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