Love Triangles, Nudity, Flesh, We’ll Take It Harry!

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Heads up Harry Styles fans, our favorite international pop star is starring in a couple of movies this year. One is ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ Olivia Wilde’s psychological thriller where he’ll star alongside Midsommar and Little Women actress Florence Pugh. 

And the other film? This one we’re most excited for! It’s the movie adaptation of ‘My Policeman’. Based on the Bethan Roberts novel of the same title, ‘My Policeman’ follows the life of Tom (Harry Styles), a closeted policeman caught in a love triangle. Set in Brighton, England in the 1950s, Tom marries Marion (Emma Corrin) but finds himself developing feelings for a museum curator named Patrick (David Dawson).


There’s no release date as of yet, but an advanced screening was held in San Diego to gauge audience reaction and make necessary tweaks. Screening attendees were allegedly “raving about how good it is”, pointing out ‘My Policeman’s “gorgeous visuals” and “amazing” acting across the board. 

Styles’ performance, reviewers say, is “very nuance. He shows real talent and depth as an actor.” Harry was described as “amazing,” and his performance the product of “what a competent director and amazing co-stars can do.” 


Praise was also given to ‘My Policeman’ director, CBE-appointed theatermaker Michael Grandage and the other members of the main cast. “Emma was outstanding. There were moments where you felt almost sorry for Marion and then times where she was really dark. There were lots of hints as to what was going on which she ignores and that really helps to build the tension.” David Dawson as Patrick was also credited for his “amazing presence and really captured the audience. The chemistry between the three younger leads was fantastic.” 

As if a clandestine queer romance plot isn’t enough to get our attention, attendees of the secret screening hinted at some nudity. And while it’s limited to ass cheeks, it’s still, apparently, not “a film you watch with your parents.” 


Verdict is, those who attended left the screening deeply moved: “There are little moments where the audience gasped, where they laughed – slight changes to the book that made people sob.” 

“None of us are ready for how much we are going to cry”. Get your tissue boxes ready—it looks like we’re in for a sobfest! 

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